ORLANDO CABINETRY, LLC  is very proud to help you buy American cabinets. Our discount price  competes with most companies with better products, and includes our professional installation and services. 

All these because ORLANDO CABINETRY, LLC is a Small Company,  family owned, and we share our discount price with our customers to be able to compete with the huge American companies.   You can see the website of American Woodmark here and their phenomenal products. 

We are NOT a cabinet company and we do NOT sell cabinets nor parts, nor we have cabinets in stock and we do not build cabinets nor make repairs.

Orlando is a Cabinet maker, woodworker and installer but he does not have a shop at the time.

We are a company that offers you the complete service of defining the best layout for your space, the cabinets and parts that should go there and we install them to perfection for your enjoyment!

Orlando Cabinetry, Llc since 2005 in Altamonte Springs. - we now work from home, because the showroom is temporarily closed.


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  • An initial Consultation is best at the place but depending on the circumstances could be made by phone. Wt do you need? Are you redoing the kitchen, the ba

  • For the kitchen, do you need us to create a new layout to make it more functional or you just want to do the same layout as you already have?

  • If you want to do the same layout, do you want to do higher cabinets, for example going from 30” high to 36?  Or would like to add a crown molding, or more drawers, maybe see if a Lazy Susan can be fit in the corners, or would you like us to do the cabinets with an architectural touch such as doing some cabinets higher than the others, staggered, or pulled out to the front?

  • If you would like to consider a new layout, are you willing to demolish or cut walls, or do you need any kind of remodeling?  Do you need someone that can do this for you; or have you already hired someone to do it?    We cannot give you advice on these topics; our license is only related for cabinetry. Do you have a plumber or an electrician to help in this project? You are going to need those too.

  • The consultation needs to be very detailed because depending on the different cabinets, parts and style of doors chosen the price varies.   We need to narrow the endless possibilities to define your final project and your final quote.

  • Budget:  we need to know how much you are willing to spend in the cabinets, including cabinet demolishing – if need be-, delivery and installation.  It has to be realistic with your requirements and the quality of the materials you are selecting. (Countertops, backsplash, remodeling, appliances and all that is apart and must not be included in the budget you give us).

  • We can tell you if what you are asking is possible to be made according to your budget, or we can give you a range of around how much the kitchen cabinets or project could cost; but the only way to know an exact number is after we create the model and make a list of each part and piece that will be included in your project, please see step 2.

  • Let us know if you need referrals for new appliances or remodeling.


We will take pictures and detailed measurements of the place, to build the model and do the quote; if we cannot go to the place to take our own measurements and customer provides their measurements we would present a “gross quote”, not final, until we can take our own measurements to do the exact quote.

For us to take measurements, build a Model and tell you how much you might need to create this project  we build a Model in 3D, with all the details, at scale, so everything created then can be realistically made in the final project.  These are not flat images, it is a Model that we can turn around and show you every element the project will have even including a similar color of the granite if you have already chosen it. 

For us to do the consultation, the quote and to build the 3D Model we require an advance of $650 in total that could  later on be deduced from the total of the project if the customer buys it from us; if the customer decides to go with a different company the advanced amount would not be refunded.  We accept to divide the advance amount in two, so we can start working in the 3D model and quote after receiving the initial $350, and the rest can be paid the day of the showing of the Model in 3D.  If for any reason the customer doesn't want to see the Model  those initial $350 are still not refundable. ( We decided to work like this after doing thousands of designs that were never paid by the customers. We have worked endless hours and on weekends to see that the customers then chose a different company who uses our designs and give them "less quality and less service for a couple of dollars less". We have never seen any other company that offers a better kitchen for less money than what we ask for, so we decided we will not continue to work for free for those other companies).

We might even do two Models (with two or more quotes), to give you options of what you can do in your same space; usually we do what the customer asked for, and if there is the possibility we could do a second model for the space and based on the customer’s needs.  Our Orlando Cabinetry Model is not necessarily bigger or more expensive, we don’t make our money by commission or percentage of sales, we just do it to show the customer what else can be made, based on our experience and designing skills so the customer can make a more educated decision of the new project that chooses to make.

The quote is originated from all the cabinets and parts included in the specific model.  We make a list of parts and the price we obtain is the total of each reference, also depending on the door style chosen by the customer.  Our quote always includes delivery and our installation because we don’t sell parts but a complete service.  We get a discount from the cabinet company from their original list price that helps us to offer a better price to our customers, and we quote the installation according to the job and number of parts.  Our quote does not include hardware, appliances, countertops, electric or plumbing nor any other part or trade different from the cabinets unless specified.  We can add to the quote knobs or pulls if the customer requests them, with their installation and delivery.

The customer receives the quote by email or personally, and we can show the model (s) in the computer at their place or we can meet anywhere agreed, also in our home office.  We prefer to show the model (s) in the place so everyone can picture better the changes or improvements of the kitchen. Orlando Cabinetry, Llc agrees to make one change of one of the models – the chosen one- and will fix the quote because changes in the layout or parts cause changes in the quote. More changes or new models have to be agreed and create a new Proposal with new payments.

O.C could provide plumbing or electrical prints of the new layout of the kitchen, after the contract is signed and as a courtesy,  to guide the contractors about the final project they are doing; but it is not an obligation for O.C to provide those, nor the company and its personnel could be blamed for the results or jobs made based by any contractors when using these prints.  

 STEP THREE:  Proposal/ Contract/ ordering/ Installation

If the customer wants to move on with Orlando Cabinetry, Llc we will present a Proposal/Contract with the specific details of the project to sign a legal agreement.  Customer must pay in advance to be able to make the order; at this point changes cannot be made to the door styles, layout or designs.

  • Once payment to us is cleared the new order is sent to the cabinet company who sends the list to their Production Department and send it back to us confirming the parts and cabinets; we review the order to make sure there are no mistakes and send it back with the approval and the payment in full by check or money order, it is the only way they accept the payment. If everything is alright we receive a confirmation of the order and we let the Customer know. All this could take about a week or max ten days. Now you bought your cabinets to the manufacturer at a discounted price!

  • The cabinets are produced and assembled in the cabinet company and take around three to four weeks to arrive to our location or to the customer’s house depending on what was arranged with the customer. This timing is set by the fabricators after the order is made and fully paid for, and it depends of their production schedules; OC cannot alter or modify this delivery scheduling. Also, if the cabinets are sent to the customer’s house there has to be someone to receive them the day of the arrival and sign the list of parts delivered.  The cabinets arrive in boxes, completely covered and the customer must not open them until we check them to make sure everything is complete and in perfect condition.

  • The installation date has to be set with anticipation and the place needs to be clean and ready for the installation.  Orlando Cabinetry, Llc  always advice to do all the painting, remodeling and repairs during those three weeks while the cabinets arrive so everything is ready for the installation.  It is never a good idea to paint the walls after having the brand new cabinets installed! 

  • Also, for installation purposes the customer agrees to have the plumbing and electric ready so there are no delays of problems.  The pipes of the sink must be cut – separated- and straight so when this cabinet is installed we only have to cut small holes for those pipes causing the less damage to the back of the cabinet. Also, we cannot have people in the site – nor other trades working at the same time- because we cannot have any liability for any accident that could occur while the installation process.  If the customer has the hardware in place O.C will install them for a fee, written in the contract.

  • The customer must be present to receive the final product, all installed and ready, to check it up and see we accomplished the contact.  If anything would be missing or damaged we would do a document in writing and will sign it for the customer to have – it has not happened ever thank God- but we have had a couple of times when the delivery missed a part and the company send it the next day so the installation has never been delayed.  Please refer to the contract for timing, fees  and disclaimers.

  • If we are helping to do the countertops for the customer, with the next step is to do the templates once the cabinets are installed. The granite fabricators take from two days to two weeks – depending on the job – to install the granite.  Usually we like to go with the customer to select the slab and then we contract the fabricator and learn their timing and make it work so our customer doesn’t have to wait long for their tops.

  • If the customer is adding lights and require special holes in the cabinets to pass the cables we need to be notified before the installation, if we have to go other day  we would charge it as an additional job and will make a contract apart for those jobs. Same thing with handles and other parts that require to be installed in the cabinets, have to be previously agreed and paid for.

  • O.C. is not responsible for installing neither the sink, nor the appliances and the customer needs to know that they must have someone already hired to do this once the cabinets are installed.  The granite people usually install the sink but not the faucets; and if the tops are in Formica, O.C can only cut the sink opening.

                                                      When the kitchen is finished,

                                           please let us go back to take pictures!!!! 



CALL 407-929-8055

CALL 407-929-8055






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